the sun, the moon

by Tristan Wallace

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released January 25, 2015



all rights reserved


Tristan Wallace Toronto, Ontario

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Track Name: i hate my bed
i hate my bed
ive laid in it for too long
im doing everything wrong

its about time i got out of my bed
and did something more
useful than this
i just want someone to love

but when i tell you
that i really want to die
i feel suicidal, and unlovable
like im some kind of freak
and you`ll probably never talk to me

and i dont know why
i even try
its probably cuz i want it so much
i want it so much
i`ll want you for the rest of my life
ì`ll want you for the rest of my life
Track Name: the sun, the moon
the cold, the trees
the look in your eyes
the heat, your heart
the wanting to die

the sun, the moon
its all for you
i do

the rain, the pain
the feeling of blame
the shame, your name
its all the same

the sun, the moon
its all for you
i do
Track Name: will you release me?
this is the first time ive tried
to live the life i'd like
you're an angel in the sky
flying so fucking high

and when you fall back down to the earth
your brain will burst
cuz you hit the concrete
the fucking concrete

all your friends will ask why
you flew up so high
and you didnt even try
you didnt even try

and now your back into the sky
and still afraid of you and i
you make me want to die
you make me want to cry

and you have my heart
locked in a box
but you dont even want it

you're the only one
who has the key
when will you release me