carefully constructed inconsistencies

by me

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a few songs written during the worst year of my life


released January 15, 2014



all rights reserved


Tristan Wallace Toronto, Ontario

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Track Name: super bright star that looks cute for some reason
the stars are so bright i hope i sleep tonight i don’t go outside and i sleep when its bright because nobody wants to see me tonight

why would i leave my bed at all if you don’t care enough to call
Track Name: until im blind
i stared at you until i went blind your eyes like stars they’re so defined you don’t want me to be in your life that’s why im turning back into light so i can be your day and night so i can be with you day and night
Track Name: i adore you
im wandering around my room cuz i have nothing to do and all i wants to be with you but you wouldn’t want me to

i want to become all that you adore
Track Name: words
how has your life been are you still like before are you still crying are you still bored well me im not better im worse than before i wish i could say i don’t love you anymore but i cant and im trying ive been waiting for so long i wish i could save you like some sort of song
Track Name: falling for you
my mouth is full of blood and im falling for you and you’re crawling into my dreams
Track Name: find me in hell
im sick of lies
this is not the kind of life
ive searched all my life

dont ask dont tell
you can find me in hell
please break this spell
i dont want to yell
Track Name: bright eyes
im lost
im gone
to the place far beyond

i dream
in my bed
the worlds already dead

my head
feels week
i wish i could just sleep

bright eyes
are causing my demise

bright eyes
have led to my demise
Track Name: haunt me forever
i walk to your house and you ask me to leave
know one is looking out for me
i walk along a frozen street
know one is trying to find me
and all i do is rain and bleed
none of these words are working for me
ive tried so long and i cant succeed
when i see you i cant breath
and in my brain i cant see
anything else but you and me
and i hope but i dont
know if i will be
Track Name: i am very lame and this song shows it
sitting in my room got nothing to do
obviously im thinking of you
cuz dont know how to have fun
please shoot me with a gun

i dont know why i skip school
its definitely not to act cool
but i dont know how to have fun
please shoot me with a gun

we're all living in a cesspool
everybodys uncool
or i dont know how to have fun
please shoot me with a gun

chillin on the couch with lily(dog)
ya right this is what i call busy
i dont know how to have fun
please shoot me with a gun
Track Name: saturday
i never thought i would meet someone like you
especially not this soon
i don't know
if ill ever see you again

even now
i sit in my room
i cant do anything
but think of you
we should hang out together
cuz you made me feel like i could be okay

the past 12 months ive been living in my room
now i can be with you
i hope that
i will see you again

but i don't
know if you
will even like me
i hope that you do
if we hung out together
you'd make me feel like i actually was okay